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Increasing Profits for Manufacturers

Without cutting staff, sacrificing product quality, or risking a penny of your company's capital

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Risk-Free Cost Reduction & Business Consulting Services

Our services are 100% Risk-Free. If we can't save you money, you don't owe us a dime.

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Business Meeting

We Focus On Costs, Not Sales

If your business already has a strong customer base, increasing sales can be very difficult and expensive. Often a company will invest heavily in new marketing, staff, or tools, and still see only a marginal improvement to overall profit.

More Bang For Your Buck

A rigorous and methodical reduction of expenses can often be achieved much more quickly, and can also be immediately realized as direct increases in profit. These savings not only increase the value of your business, but they can be easily reinvested into your employees, your processes, or your products.

Our Process

Our detailed cost-reduction process brings the knowledge and best-practices of the Aerospace & Defense Industries to businesses of any type.

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Initial Assessment

We start by rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side along your team to better understand the issues facing your business or process. Without interfering in your team's work, we create a visual model of your work process and how it functions, to help us better understand the key systems, and flow of products and information.

Diving Into the Data

Attention to detail is our true area of expertise. We study the fine details of those key business systems to find the hidden drivers of your expenses. If detailed financial information is not available, invoices can often be used to break down and compare costs to industry averages.

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Implementing Sustainable Improvements

Using what we learn from our data analysis, we then work with you and your team to manage any projects or changes required. Whether it's build process changes, renegotiating vendor contracts, redesigning tools, or disputing overcharges, we have the experience and skills necessary to see it through and ensure that your savings are not just realized, but sustainable.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Tell us a little about your business, and the cost, quality, or schedule issues facing your team.


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About Us


Our founder, Jacob Stump, started his career in a Fortune 500 Aerospace company where he led numerous cost-reduction projects at an aircraft manufacturing facility, saving millions of dollars while also increasing product quality and reducing production time. In 2012, he started a business with his wife, Sarah, which quickly grew from a side project to a self-sustaining business that allowed him to leave the Aerospace industry and pursue entrepreneurship full time.

Leveraging his experience in Engineering, Expense Analysis, and Project Management, Jacob now helps manufacturing and non-manufacturing businesses benefit from the same process oriented best-practices as the Aerospace Industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered in the FAQ below, please contact us directly at any time.

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How much do your services cost?

It depends on how much we are able to save you. Profit Plus Consulting does not charge hourly - we simply earn a percentage of the savings we find. If we don't find savings, you will not be charged.

What if you are unable to find any savings?

Though this is very unlikely, if we review your expenses and processes and find no savings or improvements, you can walk away confident that you are running a very efficient and optimized business, and that you are already maximizing your company's profits!

What if we don't want to share confidential information with Profit Plus?

We understand that many businesses hold substantial value in their proprietary designs, processes, and systems. And though most projects don't require confidential information to be shared, our engagement agreement includes confidentiality and non-disclosure sections. Otherwise, substantial savings can often be found with just invoices and vendor agreements alone.

How much time will be required of my staff?

As little as possible. Our intention is to find and implement savings and improvements without impeding your workflow, to the greatest extent possible. During our initial assessment, we will often perform direct observations of workers during critical processes, and may want to follow up with questions to either the workers themselves or their supervisors.
In addition, a letter of authorization on your company's letterhead will allow us to work directly with your vendors on your behalf.

How long until savings are realized?

In most cases you will see the savings within 1-2 months of our engagement. However projects requiring new tools or designs may take longer. In these cases, we will schedule follow-ups at each critical milestone to ensure that the expected improvements are being implemented as originally intended.

Can you travel to my out-of-state facility?

We are currently based in North-East Florida, but can either travel or provide remote services to your out-of-state facilities.

Do we have to switch vendors?

We know that many manufacturers have very close relationships with their vendors, and often have agreements which make it very difficult and costly to switch.
We work on YOUR behalf, not the vendors, so if you do not want to switch vendors then you do not have to. We will work with you to get the best products and services at the best prices. This may entail getting quotes from outside vendors, but we will always work within the guidelines established at the initiation of the project. You will always have the final decision on any changes to agreements.

Why do I need Profit Plus Consulting's services? My employees are already focused on cost efficiency and process improvement.

Our true area of expertise is our attention to detail. And while we also bring direct business cost-reduction experience and manufacturing best-practices, oftentimes a close look from an outside perspective is the key to finding the hidden drivers of your expenses.
In many cases, your employees already have a good idea of what can be improved, but they may not have the time or expertise to quantify the savings. We bring the quantitative tools necessary to turn these "nice-to-have" ideas into properly budgeted business opportunities.

How do you ensure that the savings are realized?

We conduct follow-ups and audits to ensure that the improvements are being implemented in the way originally intended, and are producing the expected results.

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